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Aug 10, 2013 12:20pm EDT
drawn -- the trends were so undeniable. the fact that there is a shift in the way suburban america is perceived by the people that live there is too big a story to ignore. >> leigh gallagher on where the american dream is moving. sunday night at 9:00. >> we will go back to the bipartisan policy center where energy officials talk about the weaknesses in the electric grid and problems getting governments and states to work together in case the cyber attack. this is about one hour and 10 minutes. >> good morning. great to be here. thank theant to bipartisan policy center for putting this together. as you know, this is the cutting-edge issue right now and when it comes to risk and how we deal with going forward, and mitigation of those risks has everything to do with our success. yes, the industry is doing a lot. the industry has done much to make sure that is true. one of the things i find humorous, normally, the industry goes from last on these panels. --r first year and i think -- you are first here. how is it listed here? it has something to do with responding. you get to respond firs
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1